Virtual ticket National Conference ROJAZZ50 @ Ploiești Jazz Festival 2019

Virtual ticket National Conference ROJAZZ50 @ Ploiești Jazz Festival 2019

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The ROJAZZ50 national conference, held on the Ploiești Jazz Festival stage, 2019 edition.

The Philharmonic “Paul Constantinescu” from Ploiești organized on Saturday, November 16, 2019, from 6 PM, the “50ROJAZZ” National Conference, which symbolized the completion of half a century since the organization of the first jazz festival in Romania.


The event marks the huge contribution of the people of Ploiești to Romanian music and brought to the public consciousness the role of people and devotion to a cause, this time the love for jazz music. The “50ROJAZZ” conference is an event that brought together promoters, commentators, directors of festivals and institutions, artists and instrumentalists, people who have performed and continue to perform for more than fifty years, authors of books and radio and TV shows specialist, but also pupils and students of the jazz sections of educational institutions in Romania and last but not least, music lovers

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